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FanGirl Magazine Interview with Elvira

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In the realm of horror culture there’s one woman whose name is forever etched into the celluloid of our dreams.  She’s the Maiden of the Macabre, the Mistress of the Dark, she is Elvira and she made an icon of herself and made the term “horror host” something that even the sun drenched families in suburbia knew.

Cassandra Petersen’s creation has been part of the world of horror entertainment for over 30 years now.  She’s still flawless as ever and as popular as ever, with merchandise, music videos, and even reality TV series sporting her image.

Petersen’s smart mouthed and sexy horror hostess is as much a part of the horror community as she’s ever been and she’s not slowing down.  Currently she’s still appearing at conventions across the country and is hosting movie events like the “13 Nights of Elvira” that was aired on the Hulu streaming network.  Shout Factory is releasing episodes of her classic “Movie Macabre” series.

Elvira has become as much a mainstay of Halloween and horror films as the monsters within the films she hosts.  In a landscape where the majority of the legends are males like Dracula and The Wolfman for example, Elvira can take her place alongside The Bride of Frankenstein and The Wicked Witch as a classic horror icon.

Petersen has not slowed down and neither has Elvira.  Currently she’s partnered with another icon, comic book legend Stan Lee, for the convention Comikaze.  She’s got a website, Elvira.com, where fans can purchase movies, collectibles, clothes, photos, you name it…all emblazoned with the Mistress of the Dark herself.  There are even Elvira candy bars from “Sweet! Hollywood.”  She’s also got more projects of the secret variety coming up later this year, most likely happening around Halloween.

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